Virada exports many of California's finest wines. Virada sources and consolidates orders from several wineries at the Port of Oakland to meet each importer's ever-present market challenge.

Virada's sourcing flexibility and port strength greatly eases for each importer a method to secure unique and majestic California wines for their national markets with a trade partner sensitive to their concerns. Importers gain the advantage of sourcing from noted wineries eager to broaden their world horizons. Every importer can now have rapid and complete access to intriguing, winning, INDEPENDENT California wines.

Virada's expertise is by offering and supporting importers with a formidable array of wines at various price points to enhance their selections of California wines. The wineries we export are of world-class standards with many recognized in publications as Wine Spectator, Food & Wine, and Wine Enthusiast.

Virada has the know-how and flexibility of sourcing from boutique ultra-premium cellars to well-established quality brands. The selections are constantly changing and expanding from our sources. The Virada selections will prove to be marketable and profitable for importers serious about improving their product portfolios.

The worldwide demand for California wine is growing and we consolidate the labels that are proven and recognized as market leaders.

Importers are encouraged to inquire for our updated product list.